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World Jobs, Inc. provides a wide range of HR solutions under one roof. We endeavor to satisfy our clients' complete requirements by developing and customizing our services to enable an accurate fit. For our clients, our target is to establish a personalized, lasting relationship.

Experienced Staff

World Jobs, Inc. is helmed by seasoned HR professionals . An efficient support team complemented by effective infrastructure has ensured that we maintain an excellent track record with our clients.

Global Outreach

Our services are available globally and we have a physical or network presence in many countries. We are actively working to expand our network in more countries to enhance our global presence and surf more diverse markets.

What we are?

World Jobs, Inc. is one of the leading human resource solutions provider in the region. We leverage on an impeccable track record, superior expertise and sheer good service to our clients.

We provide complete human resource solutions: talent, resource management, and staffing services. Our placements are comprised of professionals, executives and support staff working in temporary, contractual and permanent positions.

Our experienced and professional HR staff critically analyze and compare the needs of an employer against a vast talent base, ensuring the best possible fit in recruitment. We regard our client base as partners with us, seeking to cultivate consistent, lasting and fulfilling relationships.

We have provided staff around the world with an emphasis on The Middle East.

We will be the professional partners committed to leadership in human resource management allowing our clients to gain sustainable competitive advantage.

Experience the effective way to process your visa.


Our services are unique. We have an experienced and reliable staff to facilitate each passport or visa process, no matter the degree of difficulty. In addition, we are experienced in the legalization and authentication process of documents.

WORLD JOBS, INC AND VISA SERVICES understands that not having the proper documents can cost valuable time and money, even ruin an important business transaction. We take pride in our services, and guarantee satisfaction in order to minimize unwanted delays. Learn More

We can provide a valid police report from the City of Houston for the use of international travel and visa requirements.

Urgent document Apostille and Legalization in Houston, Texas and other states is a specialty of World Jobs, Inc. Document times will depend on the processing time for the individual Secretary of State. Rush and Emergency will not be available for some countries, i.e. Kuwait, UAE, Algeria.

We provide notary and apostille services for any official or formal documents. Please submit.

We can obtain any formal or official documents for you authenticated by the U.S. Department of States in Washington D.C. or any foreign consulate in the USA.